Green walls around the world

Vertical gardens – the perfect solution

Vertical gardens are walls covered in vegetation, growing vertically. This trend is just making its way into Israel after enjoying great popularity throughout the world. It all started in the beginning of the 21st century, when urban planners recognized the need to expand green lungs within constantly growing cities. Vegetation is known to help improve air quality thanks to the process of photosynthesis; therefore one of the most successful solutions of bringing vegetation into crowded urban areas was to plant it on the walls of existing buildings.


Vertical gardens are based on a slightly different technique than that of hydroponics on detached beds. The plants are placed in special compartments fixated vertically on the wall, where they continue to grow upwards. Irrigation and fertilization systems are incorporated within the planting compartments and provide the plans everything they need in order to flourish. Advanced technologies allow the plants to grow successfully for many years.

The plants used for green walls in Israel and the world are usually those which are pest resistant, slow growing (therefore requiring less frequent pruning) and drought-resistant. This means that the vegetation requires little to no maintenance or special care and provides pure enjoyment with no fuss.

Vertical gardens can be installed on internal and external walls in both low buildings and high rise ones. They can cover a whole wall or only parts of it. This unique wall covering offers many advantages, from improved insulation, though better air quality in the building and around it and over to significant energy conservation on heating and cooling costs.

Green walls throughout the world

In addition to all above-mentioned advantages, vertical gardens also help reduce temperatures not just within the building but outside as well. A study conducted during the hottest month of the year in nine cities throughout the world, each representing different climate, proved that green walls can reduce the temperature around the building to a maximum of 26 degrees centigrade and the temperature in the street to a maximum of 11.3 degrees. The hotter and dryer the weather, the more influence the green walls have.

Vertical gardens – now in Israel

All these advantages make it clear why vertical gardens are gaining popularity in Israel and there is no doubt that they are here to stay. We at Richard Rozenbaum Advanced Gardening Solutions have performed a variety of projects in the field all over the country and the positive feedback from our clients, coupled with the results we see in the field prove without a doubt that this is a correct, suitable and effective solution for every urban environment.

If you too want to enjoy a solution that has been proved throughout the world – call us now at 02-6436408 and we will be happy to fit you with the perfect gardening solution

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