Vertical gardens in Israel


We specialize in planting vertical gardens (otherwise known as green walls or living walls) in Israel. Our company has carried out numerous projects in the field using our unique technology that guarantees long-lasting results. 

For further information about our projects call us at 02-6436408 and we will be happy to help you design a beautifully green wall for your home or business.

Vertical gardens in Israel – the walls that make a difference

In recent years, most industries are becoming increasingly green: factories make sure to dispose of waste appropriately, construction companies switch to light construction and many enterprises turn their attention to environmental issues. One of the ways to bring nature back into our urban environment is vertical gardening, also known as green walls.

Vertical gardens in Israel – the beginning of a wonderful friendship

Vertical gardens or green walls can be built on any wall, internal or external. This type of gardening offers many advantages:
• Extraordinary design – choosing to decorate a wall with plants instead of painting it a different color or hanging a canvas print distinguishes the building from others and makes it unusual and one of a kind.
• Improved working conditions – as part of the natural process of photosynthesis, plants absorb pollutants and produce oxygen. This means that the air around vertical gardens is cleaner. Research has shown that people who spend time next to green walls are able to concentrate for longer periods of time and perform better at their jobs.
• Better insulation – planting vegetation on walls serves as another layer of insulation from moisture, heat and cold. The inside of the building can then enjoy pleasant temperatures year round.
• Unique branding – when a company or an organization choose vertical gardens for one or more of their walls, they immediately create a unique image that sets them apart from the competition. Since green walls are still fairly new in Israel, choosing this option helps identify the company with its building and raises curiosity as to what is going on behind the wall.

Israeli specialists in vertical gardens

Our company specializes in vertical gardens and has carried out numerous projects throughout the country. Among our satisfied clients are commercial companies, organizations, apartment buildings and many private clients who are now enjoying the wonderful benefits of green walls.

If you too are interested in enjoying nature in the most urban environment with the help of a green wall, call us now at 02-6436408 and our professional team will be happy to assist you.

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