Advanced technology for vertical gardens

We plant high quality vertical gardens thanks to the unique technology we use. This technology is based on a special growing medium which offers many advantages:

• Artificial growing medium – we use an artificial, rather than organic potting soil, which doesn't lose its nutrients or agronomic properties with time and remain strong and stable for many years.
• No accumulation of excess nutrients – excess nutrients may accumulate in the growing medium, hinder plant growth and reduce their resistance to pests. Our medium does not allow accumulation of nutrients and helps plants in the wall prosper.
• Better growing conditions – the different layers of our potting mixes create an optimal air/water ratio, helping the roots receive as much air and water as they need and grow faster. The artificial growing medium also provides better hygiene and prevents root diseases.

Growing medium and more

In addition to the unique growing medium we use for our vertical gardens, our company makes use of additional advanced solutions, maximizing the value of your green wall:
• Irrigation controller – each of our vertical gardens is fitted with a unique irrigation controller, allowing us to receive an overall picture of the system's operation. The controller provides information regarding the number of irrigations needed per day, the flow rate in different pipes, electricity malfunctions, if they occur and so on.
• Full control over growing conditions – the same wireless controller also serves as an excellent tool for controlling the growing conditions in your green wall. It can regulate fertilization, salinity and PH levels.
• Recycling water from air conditioners – most buildings in Israel use air conditioners at least eight months a year. When combined with fertilizers, the water drained from the air conditioner is very good for plants and can be recycled to be used in your vertical garden. You save water and help protect the environment while also saving money on your water bill. What could be better?


Efficient technology and easy maintenance

Our vertical gardens are based on advanced, proven technology, implemented successfully throughout the world for over 30 years. Using this technology we can plant vertical gardens that last for many years, for your enjoyment and benefit. Thanks to our unique growing media and our improved control system, our green walls require almost no maintenance. Further advantages of our green walls include:
• Extra thin infrastructure – the green wall itself is only 4 cm wide (excluding vegetation), allowing it to merge seamlessly into the building's architecture.
• Extra light weight – the green wall is also very light, only 25 kg per square meter, including the plants! This weight requires no architectural changes in the building and enables the vertical garden to be mounted on any existing wall.
• Extra long warranty – Richard Rozenbaum Advanced Gardening Systems provides a 3-5 year warranty on all its vertical gardens. This is because we believe in the technology we use and we know that our green walls are unique and unlike all others.

For further information about our technology and to order your vertical garden, call us now at 02-6436408 or 052-2879654 and we will be happy to assist you.

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