Green walls for residental buildings

Vertical gardens for your building – adding interest

Looking for an interesting, innovative way to brand your apartment building, business or company headquarters? Richard Rozenbaum Advanced Gardening Systems has your answer!

To learn more about our unique vertical gardens and their advantages, please call us at 02-6436409.

External vertical gardens – bringing nature into the city

As we all know, trees and plants serve as biological filters providing us with clean air in the process of photosynthesis. Unfortunately, rapid population growth and urbanization reduce the number of "green lungs" in cities, leading to pollution. To counter this phenomenon, many countries in have switched to vertical gardening, i.e. planting on walls. This system is beneficial to both people and the environment.

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• Cleaner air – vertical gardens on the outside of a building help purify the air around it and provide residents with air free of bacteria, mold and other toxins. Bacteria in the plant roots absorb carbon dioxide and other airborne toxins while the plants themselves emit oxygen. The result – healthier, oxygen enriched air.
• Perfect insulation – covering a wall with vegetation provides an additional layer of insulation to the building, keeping noise, heat, cold and moisture out of your building.
• Save energy and resources – vertical gardens help regulate temperature within the structure and reduce the need for air conditioners or other electrical appliances. Using green walls you can both enjoy a pleasant indoor temperature without the dryness that usually comes with the use of air conditioners and significantly reduce your electricity costs.
• Interesting branding – choosing to cover an outside wall with vegetation will guarantee that everyone knows who you are and how to get to you. In addition, the unique design makes people want to walk into your establishment right off the street. This could be very useful if you are a business or an organization looking to build a larger clientele.
• General improvement in quality of life – living or working next to vegetation improves both sprits and concentration. Vertical gardens help children concentrate on their homework and employees perform better at their jobs.

All these advantages will make your building a more pleasant place to live or work in, ensure that it stands out in your street or city and allow you and everyone else to enjoy a bit of nature in your urban life.

For further information please contact us at 02-6436408 and we will be happy to plant a vertical garden outside the building where you live or work. Always at your service, Richard Rozenbaum Advanced Gardening Systems – vertical gardens specialists.

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