Green walls to offices

Vertical gardens for the office – transforming workspaces into living spaces

If you too are tired from spending your days in a gloomy office space we have the most original design solution for you.
• Unusual look, rarely seen in Israel.
• Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, even while clocking overtime.
• Greater employee satisfaction.
• Better job performance as green environments improve concentration.

If you too would like to enjoy all these advantages and many more, dial now 02-6436408 and Richard Rozenbaum specialists will be glad to be at your service.

All the advantages of office vertical gardens

Green design is currently one of the most popular trends in the world and is now making its way into Israel. People are beginning to understand that nature plays a prominent role in our lives and that protecting the environment benefits humanity as well. The unique field of vertical gardens, or green walls has developed as a direct result from one of these insights and today many people opt for this option to enjoy all the advantages it offers:
• Cleaner air – the natural process of photosynthesis provides those present in the building with cleaner air. This in turn strengthens one's immune system and improves quality of life.
• Naturally low temperature – a closed space with vast vegetation naturally maintains a pleasant temperature without the use of electric cooling devices.
• Happier people – studies have shown that employees in offices with green walls exhibit higher job satisfaction. A little bit of nature in the workplace lifts the spirit and we all know that when the employees are happy, the boss is happy as well.
• Higher productivity – working in the presence of greenery greatly improves concentration, which in turn, contributes to better job performance. What else can an employer ask for?
• Green branding – planting vertical gardens in your business brands your company as environmentally friendly, making it more appealing to both existing and potential clients.

At your service

Our company specializes in office vertical gardens. Each of the many green walls we have planted is designed to fit the specific conditions of the office space and in accordance with the client's preferences. Our team remains available for every question or query even after construction of the green wall is completed.

Our vertical gardens come with a 3-5 year warranty, so you are guaranteed to enjoy your green wall for years.

For further information please call us at 02-6436408 and we will be happy to schedule a consultation meeting at your office.

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