Urban green walls

Urban vertical gardens – great solution for air pollution

Every mayor or local council struggles with the problem of air pollution. Planting vertical gardens on different buildings throughout the city can greatly reduce pollution and provide everyone in the city with cleaner, healthier air.

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Vertical gardens and their contribution to quality of life

One of the newest design trends in Israel is planting vertical gardens, otherwise known as green walls or living walls. Undoubtedly, such walls produce a stunning effect and greatly contribute to the general appearance of the city, but this solution offers much more value than just an eye-catching design: significant decrease of air pollution.

Why vertical gardens reduce air pollution

A study published in Environmental Science & Technology proves that vertical gardens have a chemical effect on the quality of air around them. The researchers created a computer model of a green wall with generic vegetation in a Western European city. Then they recorded chemical reactions based on a variety of factors, such as wind speed and building placement. The study proved that in street canyons between two buildings with vertical gardens, air pollution was significantly lower than that around buildings not covered in vegetation.

The reason is that the plants absorb large amounts of nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide, as well as other particulate matter and airborne pollutants, all harmful to humans. Therefore if mayors decide to plant vertical gardens in cities and industrial areas – they could achieve a substantial reduction of air pollution. As one of the researchers commented, the study is “putting forward an alternative solution that might allow [governments] to improve air quality in these problem hot spots.”

At the service of urban development

Our company performs many projects in the field of green walls and general gardening. We invite all mayors and heads of local councils in Israel to contact us and hear about our extensive experience and state of the art technology in planting vertical gardens.
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