House green walls

Residential vertical gardens – the walls that make a difference

Love nature but find yourself living in a high floor apartment?
Looking for some privacy on a shared balcony?
Richard Rozenbaum Advanced Gardening Systems has the perfect solution for you. For further information call 02-6436408 and schedule a consultation meeting at your home.

What are residential vertical gardens?

Vertical gardens or green walls, as the name suggests, are entire walls covered in plants. This trend has finally arrived to Israel and serves a wide range of people who love the outdoors and want to enjoy them even in their homes.

How does it work?

There are several techniques that can be used for the planting of a vertical garden, but ours is the most advanced. This technique is based on a unique synthetic growing medium with excellent water retention qualities that does not need to be periodically replaced like organic potting mixes and allows for precise, water-conserving irrigation.

Company owner, Mr. Richard Rozenbaum, a professional agronomist with many years of experience will be happy to advise you on the types of plants you should include in your green wall, taking into account the environmental conditions in your property. The vertical garden can be comprised of all decorative plants, but it is also possible to incorporate different herbs and even some types of fruit and vegetables for you to grow in your little piece of nature indoors.

Additional advantages of residential vertical gardens

In addition to the lovely greenery in your home, green walls will also greatly improve the quality of your life. Studies have shown that plants improve concentration and memory and help reduce blood pressure. Children who spent a lot of time near vegetation exhibited up to 85% more concentration than their peers. This is why vertical gardens are especially recommended for families with school-age children.

Why Richard Rozenbaum?

• Because of the experience – our company has specialized in residential green walls for decades and served a wide variety of satisfied clients.
• Because of the technology – our advanced, high-quality technology is unique and only available at Richard Rozenbaum Advanced Gardening Systems.
• Because of the service – our professional team is at your disposal for every question even after planting.
• Because of the warranty – all of our residential vertical gardens come with full 3-5 year warranty, because we believe in our products and know they are the best around.

If you too want to enjoy nature indoors, call us now at 02-6436408 and we will be happy to schedule a consultation meeting at your home.

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