Richard Rozenbaum Advanced Gardening Systems Ltd. was established in 1997 by Mr. Richard Rozenbaum, an experienced agronomist, with the aim of developing innovative ideas for green environments. Mr. Rozenbaum's main specialty is growing plants on detached and soil-less beds. His beautifully green projects can be found throughout the country.

Expertise that makes a difference – vertical gardens

Our company has completed numerous landscaping projects throughout the years, particularly using detached beds. In recent years we focus on vertical gardens, (also known as green walls or living walls) – a very common architectural feature which is now enjoying greater popularity in Israel thanks to its many advantages.

Green walls enable us to bring nature back into our lives, even in a very urban surrounding, and greatly contribute to both landscape and the environment.

Making dreams a reality

We strive to provide our clients with high-quality products using proven, top of the line technology. Thus, when you order a green wall from Richard Rozenbaum Advanced Gardening Systems, you can rest assured that you'll be able to enjoy your beautiful vertical garden for many years.

The advantages of green walls

Planting green walls in Israel is not an easy matter. The extreme climatic conditions in Israel, including the heat, high levels of UV radiation and desert winds, make it difficult on gardening in general and vertical gardening in particular.

Mr. Rozenbaum has conducted extensive research, together with various professionals including irrigation engineers, software specialists, agronomists and industrial designers in order to develop technology that will enable not just the planting of beautiful, high-quality green walls, but also that these walls last for long periods of time.

The company's many projects throughout the country bear witness to the achievement of this goal. Mr. Rozenbaum has developed his company's unique technology which is based on soil-less (hydroponic) beds and special growing media. This technology maximizes the advantages of green walls and makes Richard Rozenbaum a leader in the field.

• Prevents excess soil salinity in the root zone, which is the number one enemy of vertical gardens – using our company's unique soil-less growing medium, salt does not accumulate in the bed and the plants can flourish without fear of soil salinity.
• Soil clods do not detach and fall off the wall.
• Maximum water saving using recycled water from air conditioners.
• Vertical garden lasting for years thanks to the use of inert growing medium with stable agronomic qualities (unlike soil which loses its nutrients and other plant-sustaining qualities after a while).
• Better insulation against UV radiation, noise, moisture etc.
• Unique branding of the building – a vertical garden is a wonderful way to set your building apart from everyone else. It serves as a great promotional feature and helps you get noticed and recognized.
• Pleasant contribution to urban landscape.
• Important contribution to the environment – the vegetation in the green walls produce oxygen though photosynthesis and absorb air pollutants.

Satisfied clients

After ordering their vertical gardens, many satisfied clients choose to use our maintenance services, so they can continue enjoying the benefits of our green walls for as long as possible. 

Our clients include leading companies and businesses in Israel. Including Shikun & Binui, Club Med Israel, Dexcel Pharma Technologies, the Weizmann Institute of Science Mendeli Street Hotel and many private clients.

And what about the price? Long term maintenance of your green wall is surprisingly low.

The bottom line

The unique technology used by our company guarantees long-term satisfaction and enjoyment from your vertical garden. We have so much faith in this technology and such excellent track record with previous projects that we offer a 3-5 year warranty on the vegetation in your wall, so you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy your wall for years to come.

For further information about Richard Rozenbaum Advanced Gardening Systems and our services please contact us at 02-6436408 or through the site and we will be happy to assist you make your green dreams come true.

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